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Zweeger is a modular extended MIDI filter and generator. It works as a standalone tool or as a VST effect. It can be placed between any MIDI input, such as keyboards, and any tool that can be controlled by MIDI messages (effects, samplers, hardware, software...) It can also work without any input as a "simple" generator.

Zweeger is composed of various elements, such as LFO, envelops, random curves, delays, note generators, ... All of them can be chained in various ways, synchronized on the tempo.

If you are fed up with drawing automation curves, turning knobs repeatedly or if you need a third hand, Zweeger is the tool you need.



I abandoned the development of Zweeger to pursue other interests. I still use it. You can download it and enjoy it. If you encounter problem, I'll still be happy to help.

Zweeger is limited to VST 2.4 compatibility. It has not been tested in VST 3.x environments. Up-to-you to test it.

Key features

  • Plugin (VST, AU, LADSPA) or Standalone (both for Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • LFO, Envelops,
  • Delays,
  • Midi tools (filter, remapper, ...)
  • Internal and external triggering and re-triggering,
  • Automation of most parameters,
  • Synchronisable on tempo or on absolute timing,
  • Fully controllable polyphonic piano, with automatic pitch bend corrections


Zweeger is written in Java and can therefore run on any machine with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Java 5.0 or higher installed. Although, it has not been tested on Mac OS and Linux. So if you encounter troubles running Java in these environments, let me know.

It can be found on the java website.

Usefull links

  • Maple virtual midi cables : if you intend to "MIDI-link" applications running on the same computer, you will probably need these virtual cables
  • Bome's Mouse Keyboard: a midi keyboard that you can play with your mouse and pc-keyboard.


The VST and AU versions of Zweeger have been made possible thanks to jVSTwRapper, the java wrapper for developping VST application in java.


Beta 2.0.b2.2

Bug fixing release to allow proper work on Mac and Linux environments, and some hosts such as Ableton Live.


Standalone executable (.jar file)

Standalone versions. VST host independant.

5516 times
File size:
460.59 Kb
MD5 Signature:
SHA1 Signature:


VST plugin for Linux

LADSPA plugin for Linux.

4579 times
File size:
587.44 Kb
MD5 Signature:
SHA1 Signature:


VST plugin for Windows

VST plugin. Requires a 2.4 VST host.

4968 times
File size:
616.42 Kb
MD5 Signature:
SHA1 Signature:


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