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Zploger is software primarily thought as an audio files organizing and archiving software. It comes now in two flavours: for audio files and for guitar tabs. The main idea behind the tool is to provide a fast and flexible tag-based search, and to provide a navigate-through-files system.



What is  Zploger ?

  • Zploger's feature 1
  • Zploger's feature 2
  • Retrieve important informations directly from the files
  • Tag your files with your own classification, define similarities between the tags, and use these to find rapidly the files your are looking for
  • Zploger's feature 3
  • Zploger's feature 4
  • Rate your tabs, your audio-files
  • Organise the files by grouping, linking, sharing properties, ...

Two flavours

  • flavaudio
  • flavguitar
  • Zploger for Audio can analyse and play various audio format. It will retrieve the most important properties such length, number of channels, …
  • ZplogerGT for Guitar Tabs is tailored for guitar tabs. Currently, ZplogerGT provides only a support for Guitar Pro® 6 files where it retrieves important informations such as length, number of tracks, tempo, key,  … 





Zploger and ZplogerGT are provided in a zip file, that you can unzip wherever you want.

After unzipping you will have one file:

  • zplogerAudio-exe.jar or zplogerGT-exe.jar: the main executable file

After the first execution (which can last a bit long) Zploger will creates several files:

  • Default.db.h2: the repository file where are store all the information contained in in Zploger. This is the most import file. The one that should be backed-up !
  • zploger.log: a log file where Zploger writes down informations that can be useful in case of problems.
  • Other files such as and default.layout should not be manually modified unless otherwise requested.

If you want to move the repository file, feel free to do it. Go the Option tab, Advanced module, in Zploger to indicate to Zploger where the repository is located.



Java 7 is required to run Zploger. It can be found on the java website.

Zploger will work natively on any Windows/Mac OS X/Linux computer, although it has only be tested on the Windows XP and Seven platforms.



Stable 2.1.1

First public release

Zploger for Guitar tabs

667 times
File size:
4.70 Mb
MD5 Signature:
SHA1 Signature:
Windows 7WinXPLinux32MacOsX

Zploger for Audio

712 times
File size:
4.98 Mb
MD5 Signature:
SHA1 Signature:
Windows 7WinXPLinux32MacOsX
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