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An audio application and VST plugin for MIDI messages generation

Beta 2.0.b2.2

Released on:
Thursday, 06 March 2014 23:12
58058 times

Bug fixing release to allow proper work on Mac and Linux environments, and some hosts such as Ableton Live.

Solved issues

  • Works in Ableton Live
  • Downgrade to Java 5, caused by a poor support of Java 6 on Mac OS X systems and a Zip packaging instead of the Rar packaging, unsupported on Mac OS X systems.
  • Reviewed Mac VST packaging
  • Minor configuration correction to allow zweeger standalone to work correctly on Linux.
  • Conflicts when a module is triggered several times at same instant by different sources and one of its parameters gains a value "FromTrigger"
  • Better handling of triggering order when a module as parameters automated by triggerable items that should be triggered also before the module.
  • Error when installation path contains special characters (sucha as spaces)
  • When a parameter gains a value "From Trigger" and that this trigger is a delay, the parameter doesn't receive any value.
  • MidiThru mode is now selectable via a drop-down in the status bar
  • It is now possible to create a new ensemble based on an existing one.

Known issues

  • An incoming message is not directly chained to output. It will wait until next processing step.
  • Still some issues in triggering order
  • Not properly supported on Cubase

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